How to make Slime

This paste called slime, what is it? This page will explain how to do slime. Feel free to share the recipe and have fun with friends!
Slime, when science, the wacky and fun meet. The mixture is sticky.

What is the right pronunciation?

You probably know the slime, you have to pronounce it "SLY MMMMME". This paste that drives parents crazy every time they go to the supermarket and discount store. Slime is a paste that can be found on sites like Youtube, facebook etc. For more than a year it has been madness, we can even say that the phenomenon lasts longer than that of the "hand spinner". Children are crazy about it and like to have their hands in it, its viscous texture and its fluorescent color seem to have a rather funny impact on them. The slime at the coast and invaded homes and playgrounds. The most fun is that you can make this dough yourself at home.

What is slime? What is it?

The slime, this viscous and stretchable paste is still trendy, the proof is that you have landed on this page! It is a gadget that can become very fun alone or in a group. You will have understood it, it's pretty cool to have it on the menu, relaxing, cheerful and funny. The slime can also be described as an anti-stress gadget by repeatedly manipulating it. But children and teenagers also like it because slime is a creative activity when it is made. Also, it can be used in many conditions and activities, for example, once the slime is hard, if you have shaped it into a ball, it can bounce back.

What is the origin of the slime?

The slime originates frome the green ghost SLIMER in the famous 1984 American film Ghostbusters. Previously, there was the proute dough which had about the same viscosity. Making slime at home has never been so easy, you can buy it, but it's very easy to make it yourself. This is what makes slime so successful.

Why customize your slime?

First, the slime is easy to make and customization is easy during its preparation. You will follow the recipe described below, and you can add elements to allow you to have a unique slime. Beads, sequins, microbeads, colors etc.

Warning: this recipe should not be taken lightly, check if you are not allergic to the products in the recipe. Wear thin latex gloves to protect your hands. Children should not make this recipe alone, the accompaniment of an adult is mandatory.

Ingredients of slime.

  • Transparent paper glue
  • Contact lens solution
  • Shaving foam or baking soda
  • colouring, micro beads, at your convenience
  • Recipe of the slime
  1. Fo about 100g of transparent paper glue into a bowl
  2. Add if you want microbeads, glitter etc. Personalization
    Add a dab of shaving foam
    Or 100g of baking soda mixed with hot water
  3. Add 50ml contact lens solution
  4. Mix it all together
  5. Allow to dry, dripping if necessary
  6. Add the color if you have
  7. Mix it all together
  8. The slime is ready.

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